About Us

Here at Grate and Small we believe we are true preservers of history. Once upon a time, the fire was an integral part of the home. It formed the base for cooking, hot water supply, and even family integration. Such a basic thing which has been lost in recent years.

It was during the 1800s, that fireplaces became the focal point of the room. The Victorians cared about style, and many fireplaces are highly ornate.

Over the years, many have been ripped out for many reasons. In the 40s and 50s many replaced cast iron fireplaces with tiled ones, as they moved on with the ages. Then in the 1960s it became fashionable to board over, or remove altogether these “dirty smelly fires” (Referring to the coal of course!)

It’s the same today, with many people removing them and sometimes the chimney breast too in order to make more space in their room.

It’s our job to restore these fireplaces, and enable you the customer to purchase something original and inject it back into your house. To give it soul again. We hope we can help you.

Call Jamie or Charlotte today on 01493 764 400 to discuss your requirements. We are also able to remove fireplaces, Should you wish to part with yours.